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Prepare your trip with eDreams!

Before leaving on a trip, there are a few points to check! Don’t worry, eDreams has thought of everything! Check up on the formalities you need to deal with before your departure date and the answers to questions you’ve been asking yourself (including insurance, driving licences, health, accommodation and transport).


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Who is eDreams?


Health care


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Who is eDreams?

Travel means preparation. You probably have a lot of questions about what you need to do before you leave. Do I need a visa? Am I covered if my property is stolen? Is my driving licence valid abroad? Do I need vaccinations? How do I get treatment abroad? What type of accommodation should I choose?
What means of transport should I use? This guide has the answer to all of your questions!

Before you travel

passeport-to-travel : documents and passeports seen through a plane window

FAQ on travel documents: visa, passport, etc.

If you are from the Schengen Area and  you plan to travel to one of  its countries, you will only need your identity card. For other countries, a passport is required. If you do not have one, you have to apply for one.  One piece of advice: get a head start and apply at least 40 days before you leave. Each country has its own rules regarding visas. eDreams advises you contact the administration in charge with travel in foreign countries to find out about the formalities on a country-by-country basis. The time needed to apply for a visa ranges from 1 to 4 weeks. In the same way as for a passport, don’t wait until the last minute to take the necessary steps.

FAQ on insurance: do you have the right coverage?

If you plan to travel abroad, it is important to take out the necessary insurance: personal liability abroad, trip cancellation/modification, health insurance and repatriation, theft or loss of luggage and valuable objects. Other types of insurance can be taken out depending on your needs and budget. Ask your insurer for information about the coverage offered. Here’s a tip: some VISA cards include travel insurance coverage. Airlines sometimes offer coverage. Do your research.

kayak-on-sea : woman with life jacket in a yellow kayak on sea
photography-at-sunset : woman parking to take a picture at sunset

FAQ on licenses: driving abroad

If you come from an European country and plan to travel in the European Union or European Economic Area, you can use your national driving licence. No action is required. For countries outside of these two areas, the situation varies from one country to another. Some countries accept a national driving license, others do not – it all depends on the international conventions signed between the two countries. You must request an international license to drive in a country that does not recognize a national license. Rules of the road and driving regulations (on the left/right) are specific to each country. Do your research before your trip to prepare for the rules in your country of destination.

Your health abroad


Which vaccinations are recommended? Are some vaccinations mandatory? In which countries? Find the answers in this comprehensive guide.

  • Before your departure date, make sure that you are up to date with the vaccinations recommended in your country.
  • There are recommended vaccinations for some destinations, in particular countries where there are poor sanitary conditions and isolated, rural or forest regions: the hepatitis A vaccine for example.
  • Vaccinations are mandatory to enter some countries. For example, the yellow fever vaccine is mandatory for the majority of tropical countries.
  • Ask your doctor about recommended and mandatory vaccinations. Take care of this in advance, ideally two months before you leave.


How do I get medical treatment abroad? Will I be refunded? eDreams focus on this subject.

  • You can find doctors and hospitals in most major European cities. If you travel to other continents, research the country’s health institutions and their location, as well as access to care.

  • If you plan to travel away from the cities, make sure you always have a first aid kit and a charged phone with you. Memorize the number of emergency services in the country.

  • If you come from a country with social insurance service and are traveling in countries outside of Europe, you may receive a total or partial refund depending on the country. You will be refunded on your return, on request to your health administration.


Can I carry medication in my luggage? Can I find medication abroad?
eDreams explanations.

  • Rules vary from one company to another with regard to transporting medication by plane. For certain medications, you must show the prescription. Movement of medications is facilitated in the Schengen Area.
  • A prescription issued by a doctor established in one European Union country is valid in all other EU countries. However, drugs may not be available in the country or may be available under another name.

  • You can ask your doctor for a cross-border prescription, valid in another EU country.

Your holiday accommodation

Your choice of accommodation is not a minor detail. Camping, renting an apartment, a guestroom, bed & breakfast, or hotel, to name just a few.
Take a look at eDreams advices on choosing the accommodation solution that best suits your preferences, expectations and budget!


Camping has its charms and will delight adventurers and other nature lovers. It is also the most affordable option for those with small budgets. But the drawback is the level of comfort, which can vary depending on your setup and the classification of the chosen campsite. If you are not scared of insects and are tempted by improvised barbeques around a campfire (why not with other campers?), you will love camping!

Apartment rental

The growth of residential rental platforms for private individuals has led to a boom in this type of accommodation. Comfort, cleanliness, setting: the quality of the service varies greatly. Although millions of travelers enjoy this option every year, watch out for unpleasant surprises!


Taking a room in a local’s home or in a B&B means you can get to know the culture of the country when the host is on site. In B&Bs, communal meals enable you to meet other travelers. Do you enjoy meeting people and discovering local culture? This option was made for you!


A hotel is a reliable option. No unpleasant surprises in general: the service is consistent with the budget and star rating. This solution also offers the highest level of services: cleaning, room service, breakfast, air conditioning, sometimes a pool, spa, etc. If you are looking for comfort and independence, then a hotel is the most appropriate choice.

Getting around in unfamiliar territory

Travel is all about moving around. What mode of transport should I choose? Bus, train, taxi, car or plane: eDreams reviews the situation for you!

leisure-flight : young woman on tarmac boarding on a plane

Traveling by plane

Planes are both the quickest and cheapest mode of transport for long journeys. The arrival of low-cost companies on the market has led to a drop in prices and made traveling by plane more accessible. For long distances, planes are unbeatable. Planes are also the safest mode of transport.

travel-by-train : young woman awaiting with luggage on station platform

Traveling by bus or train

To get from A to B, the two most commonly used options are buses and trains. For tight budgets, buses are the most cost-effective solution. If you are planning to travel in Europe, you should know that there are several coach companies offering very cheap fares. Traveling by train generally costs more, but the journeys are quicker and more comfortable.

cruse-boat-on-sea : huge cruse boat anchoring in a tropical bay

Traveling by boat

There are destinations that can be easily reached by sea, on cruises or ferry crossings. Don’t disregard this mode of transport to get you to a safe harbor (literally) as journeys by boat often make the journey and time spent on board just as pleasant as the stay on arrival! As long as you don’t get seasick of course…

road-trip-on-holidays : a road overhanging a river with a nice view

Renting a car

With a car, you are entirely free to travel around. You can go wherever you want and get off the beaten track. Renting a car means you can manage your time as you please, leave whenever you like and stop at any time. The only drawback to this mode of transport is its price, which includes the cost of renting the vehicle plus the gas. But if you are in a group, this cost quickly pays for itself!

application-mobile-edreams : application edreams ouverte sur deux téléphones iphone et Android

The eDreams app: organize your trip in just a few clicks!

Compare flights, book your hotel or rent a car thanks to the eDreams mobile app, which can be downloaded free on iPhone and Android!